The Importance of Fun Brain Games for Kids’ Development

Brain games are important for the mental growth of your kid. Some unique games involve analytical thinking to play and win. The games are fun ways to make the kids hone their problem-solving and creative skills. Brain games test the mental ability of kids and stimulate them to perform better. The more challenging the game is the better it is for their mind. Ignitepad offers online courses that believe, there are some common brain games, good for kids’ all-round development, which parents generally tend to overlook. 

Simple Sudoku

Sudoku is the most common brain game that we generally come across in our daily newspapers. The game appears with a grid having numbers in it. A player has to guess the missing numbers and fill them up. It comes across as something either too simple or too confusing but is good for mental well-being. Kids must be encouraged to play the game. It develops the skill to plan and foresee in children. Ignitepad also offers kids online classes, for sketching, another great way of keeping the kid engaged. 

Baffling Blue Block

Blue Block is a mobile app-based game in which the aim is to free a block that is blue and is stuck amid the blocks of other colors. A player has to keep sliding the block until it comes across a free route to escape. It enables kids to contemplate better to complete each level quickly. There are about 42 levels. It requires smart thinking! Ignitepad’s Python classes also enable kids to think differently! 

Intriguing Guess the Code App Game 

The objective of this game is to ascertain a random code. Cues are given to enable the player to decipher the concealed code. This game enhances the logically thinking ability in kids as it involves analyzing the given hints to unravel the mysterious code. The game is engaging and thrilling too. Ignitepad coding classes are specifically designed for kids!

Mesmerizing Memory Game

As the name suggests the game helps in enhancing the memory of kids. Players aim at uncovering the correspondingly paired flashcards present on a grid. A player gets to reveal only two cards at a time after which the picture emblazoned on the cards disappears. The picture side of the cards is shown only in case they are similar. The game requires remembering the right location of the cards to uncover similar cards together. A child has to be attentive and focused while playing this game, thus improving their ability to be patient. 

Laudable Lumosity

The game Lumosity is created by some neuro-physical researchers aiming to optimize the brain function of kids. The game involves more than 60 tasks that depend on the players’ memory, reaction time, flexibility, attention, and problem-solving skills. Art and science have been combined to develop this laudable game which is mandatory for a child’s brain development. 

Perplexing Puzzle

Puzzles are a great and fun way to engage a child to enhance their spatial reasoning and hand-eye coordination. The curiosity keeps the child going and winning the game. 

Amazing Maze

Amaze is the simplest brain activity that can now be found on mobile apps, earlier many children’s magazines used to carry it. A player has to find their way out of a maze. The game increases a child’s attention, improves memory, and develops thinking skills.

Ignitepad provides ‘online courses python’ for kids to sharpen their logical thinking skills.  Children of all ages must be encouraged to play sharp mind games as they boost the following skills:

∙ Comprehension

∙ Analytical Thinking

∙ Spatial Awareness

∙ Conceptual Learning

∙ Creativity

∙ Lateral and Critical Thinking

∙ Problem-Solving

∙ Linguistic enhancement

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