Why is coding important for Kids?

The world is fast switching over to the digital mode; to keep pace with the change learning computer coding becomes vital for kids raring to conquer the world in the future. Coding also helps kids develop skills and mindset suitable for the competitive world. Coding is the corner stone of any technology to advance. It enables to create technologically advanced systems.

Coding is the process through which programmes are created in order for the computer/system to perform the desired functions. Many parents have understood that coding is not just productive for kids but also a boon for the society, at large. Thus, they are letting their kids start at an early age. It is an investment that can never fail you.

Benefits of learning coding:

  • It enhances the ability to think logically: Programming is based on logical thinking, making children think differently. It also develops their ability to be creative.
  • Develops problem-solving skills: Problem-solving skills come in handy even in everyday life. Coding helps the kids develop problem-solving skills.
  • Resilience: Coding is the process in which kids will fail often, and then come up with new ways to succeed. It will teach them to fight back and be resilient.
  • Stay optimistic: Learning to code will make them stay optimistic and goal oriented even in daily life.
  • Computer programming is the way forward: With businesses going digital, programming is the future. It will be wise to invest in something that has a great future and best career prospects.

Ignite Pad is the best platform to learn Coding

Ignite Pad triggers the wish for learning in kids and bring out their hidden talent through soft and stress-free ways. Ignite Pad is the best platform to make your kid learn coding at any age. Our company motto is, ‘there is no age to learn new skills.’ We encourage students to begin as early as possible so that they master the coding skill by the time they are ready to build their career after completing the school and college. Ignite Pad offers the following courses:

  • Coding for Kids Using Scratch Programming Language, Scratch is a tool developed by MIT Media Lab for creating animations, stories and games. Scratch programming language is the concept that builds the game building ability in kids. At Ignite Pad highly qualified software professionals impart coding lessons to kids.
  • Python is an advanced-level programming language for general-purpose. Under this our teachers will make the students learn how to write Python scripts, unit test code etc. Kids will also learn about the features of Python language, working with variables in Python to manage data and much more.

Encourage your kids to learn to code early

Now you know that learning to code has many advantages for kids. Enhanced technical skill is one of them and will enable your kid to become independent early in life. There are many stories doing the rounds how very young kids have created programs, games etc and are earning big money. Such kids have bright future. Who wouldn’t want their kids to be like these kids who have learnt coding at an early age? Coding for kids opens many career opportunities later in life. Old and conventional methods of working may die a natural death as everything becomes digital in the world. The fear of being left out is looming large! More and more parents are encouraging their kids to learn coding and be prepared to face the future.

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