Things to Look For When Enrolling Your Kid for Online Tuition Classes

Some parents take online tuitions very lightly; there are also a few who assume that taking online tuition classes is a waste of money during these pandemic times. They are making a grave mistake in underestimating the role of online tuitions in the educational growth of their kids. Ignite Pad would like to remind them that the pandemic will not last but the digital mode of imparting education is here to stay. The concept of schooling at home may last forever. The sooner we understand its benefit the better it will be for our kids. To help you get rid of your apprehensions, we give you a lowdown on things to check when enrolling your kids in online tuition classes

Background of the institute

A little research about the company providing online tuitions will go a long way in knowing what’s in store for the kid. Institutes like Ignite Pad that are also into providing IT services are a safe choice. They already have the best infrastructure, resources, and talent pool in place. They have experienced hands at the helm of affairs, managing operations. Such companies also know the value of education. They understand the prevalent education system better and can modify it as per the student’s requirement keeping their future in mind. If the institute offering online tuitions is into multiple things and has a good clientele base, it implies that they have good access to resources and can utilize it whenever there is a need.


A demo class to understand the tutor better

There should be a change in the mindset of Indian parents. Not many understand the importance of taking a demo class, not just for online tuition classes but in general too. They seldom make efforts to attend free demo sessions, webinars, or even demonstrations held for a new device/gadget launched in the market. You may not intend to buy all of it but it enhances your knowledge. It makes you stay abreast with the developments happening around you or in the world. So this mindset needs to go. We want all parents to stay informed about things beyond the realm of their profession.

Going by the aforementioned concept it is important your child and you attend the demo class for your child’s online tuition classes. It will help you to interact with the tutor. Experience the services offered and also get an insight into how comfortable your kid is with the tutor and the whole setup. Don’t just look for ‘tuition classes near me or tuition for class 11 near me but explore the vast reservoir of knowledge imparting institutions and understand their expertise through a demo class. It is important before taking the final call.

Check for the platform/medium/apps employed

There are all kinds and levels of platforms/apps/interfaces used to conduct online classes. There are some common apps like Zoom, Skype, and Google meet, etc., used by many institutes. Some institutes design their own apps and platforms to host classes. You must check for this information before beginning the classes. Pick the class that is according to the device used by your child to attend the classes. Though there may not be major issues about compatibility and internet speed, understanding these technical details is important to avoid difficulties later.

Check their website/online presence 

Doing a little research regarding the online presence of the institute offering online tuition classes would be good. Their presence and posts on various social media platforms will give you a glimpse into their work, their outlook, their contribution, achievements, etc. You may also come across reviews posted by other people. This will enable you to assess the efficacy of making your kid attend their online classes. Checking their website will give you information about the educational background of the tutors too.

You may come across individuals/ online Maths tutor etc. in your neighborhood who may claim to offer online tuition classes but the risk of not being consistent, technical glitches; sickness, etc. is more in such cases. An institute always has a backup ready for such a crisis.

Select the online tutor for your kid carefully!

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