Enhancing Skills Online During the Pandemic

Kids Can Enhance Their Skills Online During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had its repercussions far and wide. There have been both good and bad effects of the pandemic. Focusing on the positive changes should be the way forward, especially when it comes to kids and learning. Now that kids have an ample amount of time in hand, they can focus on enhancing their extra-curricular skills through online classes conducted by well-equipped institutes like Ignite Pad. More so because the imposition of lockdown has almost diminished kids’ sporting exercises with their companions! They hardly go out to play. 

Beat the Pandemic blues

Considering the present situation, the lockdown may have confined your kid to the home curbing all outdoor activities but actually, they can have heaps of fun by upgrading their fitness along with cognitive abilities! There are a significant number of indoor infotainment activities for youngsters that can be used for both learning and having fun. Interesting activities like making them seriously learn building up an application or sending them to learn to play an instrument online will help them colossally. You can utilize their time at home to make them upgrade their skills, talents, and abilities. All this while you can watch over them and guide them! Some easy to learn activities by Ignite Pad that will also entertain your kids are as follows:

Graphic Designing/Animation

Animations fascinate kids to a great extent. How cool would it be for them to create their animated characters? They are used to watching cartoons on TV shows; their happiness will know no bounds once they learn to create it on their own. Ignite Pad ensures the graphic designing and animation classes are kid-friendly and pays attention to each kid individually. While your kids wait for schools to reopen and life to get back on the usual track, you can get them enrolled to learn graphic designing and animation. 

Coding or App Development

The new generation has become so habitual to using apps that the first thing in the morning they do is, no, not brush their teeth, but open their favorite app to seek information or contact a friend. Mobile applications have made way to the kids’ education too. They have become so important in this digital age and are here to stay. It would be wise for you to let your child spend the pandemic period learning to code or develop his app. Kids love to interact with artificial intelligence, it has also made their lives easy. Imagine if they learn to create one Alexa of their own and name her as per their wish. Coding classes at Ignite pad make all this possible. 

Dancing, Singing, and Music

Music in its various forms, dance, vocals, or learning to play an instrument has become therapeutic during the pandemic period. Everyone is stressed because of the sudden changes in the lifestyle and it is necessary to nip it in the bud before it goes out of control. Covert your kid’s inactive period to the most productive time by getting him enrolled in one of the music classes conducted for kids at Ignite Pad.

Fitness and yoga

It has become mandatory during the pandemic to ensure that everyone’s both mentally and physically sound. Even the kids must be encouraged to follow a fitness regime, daily. Sometimes, we get too lethargic to think about fitness on our own but if we get a personal trainer, they push us to get back on our feet and be swift to do the fitness exercise or yoga. What if the fitness trainer at Ignite Pad comes to your home, through the screens and makes your kid hale and hearty? Will you refuse? Certainly not! Allow us to take care of your kid’s health!

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