What You Will be Learning in our Python Course?

1. How to write Python scripts, unit test code.

2. Will be learning techniques to deal with different types of data like - ordinal, categorical, encoding.

3. How to programmatically download and analyse data.

4. How to apply machine learning techniques and algorithms over data.

1. Overview of Python

1.1. Features of Python Language.

1.2. How to install Python on your computer.

1.3. Working with variables in Python to Managing Data.

2. Operators in Python

3. Precedence of Operators

4. Understanding Data Types

4.1. Int, float, complex, bool, nonetype .

4.2. Str, list, tuple, range.

4.3. Dict, set, frozenset.

5. How to Manipulate Strings

5.1. What is string.

5.2. String representations.

5.3. Unicode string.

5.4. String functions, methods.

5.5. String indexing and slicing.

5.6. String formatting.

6. Beginner – Control Flow and Logical Operators

6.1. If statement.

6.2. If else statement.

6.3. If elif statement.

6.4. If elif else statement.

6.5. Nested if statement.

7. Beginner – Pythons Loops

7.1. While loop.

7.2. For loop.

7.3. Nested loops.

7.4. Pass, break and continue keywords.

8. Beginner – Python Functions and parameters and functions output.

9. Python List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary.

10. Python – Object Oriented Programming.

11. File and Exceptional Handling.


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