About us

Our Name Ignitepad - Ignite + pad, where Ignite is to fire the wish of learning and hidden talents Pad means soft cushion - with the gentle learning without stress

As compared to classroom teaching, online classes have many benefits, it can be availed from the Comfort & security of our homes without wasting time on commuting and posing threats to the security of our children, secondly, quality education is not limited to metro city dwellers only, even the student wishes to learn from the remotest village can have access too. you can rely on us for the best educators and instructors and you don't have to undergo the whole process of selection and deselection

All the above features of course make this style of education more pocket-friendly. As saying goes "there is no age to learn a new skill" - so is our motto. There is no age limitation to join a person of any age can choose to learn from our classes.