Technology and Kids: Pros and Cons

Technology is no doubt a useful thing. However, how we use it makes it good or bad. Overuse or the excessive use of anything is bad. Similarly, it would not be wise for parents to completely keep their kids away from technology. Regulated use of it can better serve everyone’s purpose. Today, technology is used for a lot of things by kids; education, entertainment, communication, fun, knowledge, information, and widening their horizon, above all. Maintaining a balance between the use and the misuse of technology is the key but it is also a challenge for many parents. There are many benefits of letting kids use technology in their day-to-day lives. Ignite Pad suggests, let your kid:

Use technology for creativity

The kid’s world of creativity has moved from art books, crayons, and paints to create 3D animation. They find it more convenient to express their creativity using a gadget, computer, and software tools. They can easily save their creativity for years on the computer but the same cannot be said about sketches and paintings on paper. It also rules out the scope of creating a mess that requires cleaning later. The kids can also access tools and templates for reference from the Internet while they are using their time to create and express art.

Use technology for communication

Nothing should stop kids from using technology for communication. Apart from using technology to make simple calls and connect through apps and messages, these days many online games let kids interact with other players from around the world and network. It is a healthy practice. Kids make friends beyond their realm, area, and sphere. They learn and grow. They must be encouraged to exchange communiqué in a healthy manner.

Use technology for being independent 

We need to have hands-on experience on something to use it independently without having the fear of failing. Many adults are facing difficulty in using technology for online teaching, online tuition, and online learning in their everyday lives because they never had exposure to the same earlier. The world has moved on and they don’t have a choice but to let go of traditional ways of doing things and switch to more technologically advanced methods. Imagine if we do not allow our kids to use technology now they may also be in a similar situation in the later years of their adult life.

Use technology as a solution finding source

Kids use the Internet to seek answers to their queries, complete their projects or watch D-I-Y videos to find solutions to something they are stuck with. There are many games like Minecraft that also have a survival mode in it that teaches kids how to find solutions to their problems and survive.

Use technology to prepare for their career

These days, kids are starting early. Many have already decided on their career options and are preparing for the same. There are many professional courses in technology designed for kids of all ages and are available online. Courses like
Digital MarketingCoding for kids using Scratch Languageprogramming, and, online yoga for kids, etc. have been tweaked to suit the online learning requirements of kids. These courses are not only about technology but also require technology to avail them.

Technology is bad if it is used for the following:

∙        Bullying someone

∙        Committing cyber crimes

∙        Playing games for long hours

∙        Watching content not meant for kids

∙        Misuse or overuse of social media

∙        Spending money on lots of paid apps

∙        Neglecting studies in order to spend more time on technology

∙        Obsessing over themselves or obsessing over an influencer on social media

A regulated and moderated use of technology is a must for kids for their development and growth!

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