Many Kids Are Thriving During Online Learning

Remote learning came as a means to continue children’s education even during the pandemic times. It came as a challenge and soon both teachers and kids got accustomed to the new method of learning. Surprisingly, a recent study has revealed that many students are thriving with the remote learning set-up. Many of these students are those who were otherwise reluctant to show interest in studies, were shy or hyperactive. The reason behind them excelling at the new ways of learning could be many. 

Minimum distraction

Some children get easily distracted with happenings around them. With students meeting and talking to other students in school, they consume all kinds of news and information. Some stay with them for longer hours. They keep pondering over many thoughts even while in class. With online learning such distractions are less. They get to focus on their studies better. With nothing much to grab their attention, they are more attentive to their lectures and homework. Many students have gone way ahead and found their niche in education with schooling at home

Less social activity

With nothing much to look forward to in the day, most students have begun to focus on their studies, career and learning new things online. There are not many outdoor activities to do for them; no social gatherings or meeting their friends regularly. They spend most of their energy only on their studies and learning. With no socialising, there is no peer pressure to outdo each other. Instead they are exposed to the education and work culture from around the world through the online medium. This has, in a way, given them the reason to be more focused on their studies by being far-sighted in terms of goals. Once they are happy and performing better they also have the choice of enrolling for hobby classes like
online dance classes.

Self-paced learning 

The physical school schedules never permitted kids to have some time off at their will but online school is more fluid and gives room to students to take breaks. Children even get more time to do their homework/projects. Though attendance is important even in the online classes but teachers are not as strict as they were during the physical classes. There were back-to-back classes in the physical set up while children get 10-15 minutes break during online learning or schooling at home. Due to this flexibility, many students are taking the ownership and excelling at it.  

More time on hand to focus on studies 

Children with jam-packed learning schedules sometimes find it difficult to cope with it. They have high anxiety levels due to over-commitment. This was a practice during physical schooling as some students felt obligated to take up many different things either to please the teacher or due to the fear of missing out but online schooling has reduced extra-curricular activities. Some schools are even having shorter school hours in the online set-up of schooling. Therefore students have more time on their hands to study more. They even have access to teachers online and
online tutors for extra studies. 

Lenient exam structure and grading system

Many schools have become lenient in terms of grading the students in exams. Even the examination structure has been tweaked to fit the online schooling. This has reduced mental pressure on kids. They feel at ease and yearn to devote more time to learning more things, their way. Don’t we all excel when there is no pressure! With having access to online tuition classes many students have improved on their performances. 

Reduced bullying

Physical schooling witnessed more cases of bullying than online schooling. Students tried to bully each other during lunch hours or after school while waiting for transport etc. Due to which some students were constantly in fear and could not focus on their studies. With online learning as the way forward such students have naturally ironed out their anxieties and phobias and are performing better.

Getting proper sleep

The timings of online schools are not set during early morning hours like they were when physical learning was the norm. This enables many students to get proper sleep. After getting sound sleep many students have shown improved health levels and hence improved learning capability. 

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