How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

The most important relationship to a youngster is the one they create with their parents or guardians. Kids find out about their general surroundings through a positive parent-kid relationship. As they are developing and changing, kids look to their folks to decide if they are protected, secured and adored. A kid’s family lays down a foundation for him to establish other bonds and relationships in life in the future. 

You can construct a good parent-youngster relationship by being with your kid, hanging out, and establishing an ambiance where they feel great and loved. There is no one-size-fits-all kind of guidelines, handbook, or ensured way to get this relationship right, and you'll probably discover difficulties en route. Nonetheless, going through the learning curve you continue improving your relationship with each other, your kid will most likely bloom. 

Keep exploring nurturing strategies that can assist you in reinforcing the bond with your kid. Some of them are listed below.

Express love 

Kids do not read the body language or understand the words all the time. They go by the actions and the behavior of their parents. You need to keep this in mind and express your love towards your kid often by hugging, kissing, pampering, complimenting, etc. You must make it known to your child that he is precious to you. He is your diamond! Also, the human touch is important for a child’s growth. Emotional touch makes them happy and helps them grow psychologically too. 

Compliment regularly 

We all love our children but very few of us say it quite often to them. Words also have the power to heal and make someone happy. Saying good things to your kids will keep them happy and healthy. You can either complement your kid on his achievement or just express to him how much you love him. Also if the kid misbehaves or acts naughty you must make him understand with love and affection. Scolding is not the right way to fix your kid’s bad habits. 

Tell stories and also listen

You may narrate stories from your childhood to your kid. Anecdotes or incidents wherein you discovered something, learned something new, or anything funny you did. This will help the child have a glimpse into your growing-up years. He will also chart out his life goals and paths based on these learnings. Also, listen to your child what he has to say regarding those incidents or anything that he would like to share from his day at school or at play with friends. Be all ears to whatever the kid has to say no matter how petty the thing is. Respond and encourage. 

Plan or lay down rules & goals

Both of you can make plans together, set goals or simply make house rules. This will bring a sense of responsibility and belonging to your kid. He will gleefully get involved in the plan or come up with rules regarding daily routine or eating habits. All this will develop the bond between the two of you. This will also give the child the right direction to move forward in life. 

Have fun together

Watching a movie together, going out together, or simply playing together is the best way to build your relationship with your child. You will be surprised how your child will teach you new things while playing together. The two of you will understand each other better and bond better. 

Be Available and attentive

In times of examination or sickness make sure you are there for your kid. No matter how important the work is, do not leave your child alone when he needs you the most; when he is feeling low, sick, or is under the pressure of exams. Talk to him and make him feel light and stress-free. If your child is complaining, be attentive. If he demands something, be attentive. You may or may not buy it for him but do not ignore his pleas and requests. It will have a bad effect on your child. He may form a negative image of you, for a while. 

Eat at least one meal together 

A family that eats together stays together. We all know this but still, we do not make time to eat with each other unless we are out at a restaurant. At home too, you must eat at least one meal of the day together. The habit of sharing and caring can only be developed in a child by sharing the food and appreciating the togetherness. 

The want for each other must never die. Look for your child the moment you reach home. Kiss your child goodbye when he leaves for his school or when you leave for work. Hugging, kissing must never stop; shower your child with it as much as possible. Likewise, your child must also be allowed to hug and kiss you at his will no matter what time or place it is!

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