Yoga Helps Kids Resist COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has played havoc on everyone’s mental health. There is very little that we can do about this stressful time due to our daily routines being abruptly upended. However, come what may, as a parent we must do all it takes to keep our children healthy and happy

Going out of our homes is prohibited due to the corona scare so we can make up for the missing outdoor activities in our kids by engaging them in yoga. It also helps them cope with the pandemic blues better and boosts their immune system. It would be great if the family can do the yoga together to help them bond during these tough times. 

Yoga enhances the tendency to remain mindful all the time. Practicing yoga improves both mental as well as physical health in children aged 6 to 12. Basic yoga exercises if done regularly can enhance strength, balance, endurance, and aerobic power in children. Yoga provides instant psychological benefits for some kids. Researches have shown that yoga can improve self-esteem, focus, academic performance, memory, patience, and behavior. Above all, it reduces anxiety in both adults and children.

Lack of sleep, poor diet, and following a stressful routine weaken the immune system in kids. This makes children vulnerable and prone to sickness. A consistent yoga practice without fail will enable the kids to cope with these irregularities better. Staying indoors all the time can cause changes in their behavior. They need to break free from the monotonous home life where there is little or no, interaction with others, and exposure to open air and sunlight. Making kids attend Ignite Pad’s online yoga classes is the best way to overcome the challenges. 

Kids can begin their day by doing Pranayam. It helps in staying rejuvenated through the day and also aids in blood purification. Pranayam involves enhanced breathing and improved intake of oxygen which boosts their immunity. Kids can also meditate by chanting Om for 5 minutes. It is the process of deliberately bringing one's focus to the present moment without inviting thoughts. It enhances the cognitive behavior in kids and also improves their memory and makes them attentive. 

Yoga has been practiced in India since time immemorial. Considering its benefits, it is still relevant. Our fast-paced contemporary lifestyle with high levels of expectations in terms of performance has given birth to all kinds of silent ailments which we fail to assess. The sedentary lifestyle diseases slowly do their work and we remain unaware. The outbreak of the pandemic along with the subsequent lockdown has rendered many people inactive or static. Even kids have become inactive these days. Yoga is the only way to make them remain active and pay attention to their holistic health. Get them to join Yoga classes conducted by Ignite Pad. 

Yoga also enhances beauty as it improves inner health. It is important to be healthy from the inside. Yoga must be part of your kid’s holistic health regime. There are also many yoga games that the family can engage in, together for holistic development.

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