How to be Friends with Your Child

Some parents believe that being friends with their children is not a good idea as it will indiscipline the kids. Others love befriending their kids as they feel it is the healthy way of raising a kid. Ignite Pad supports the idea of being friends with your kids. However, there are ways in which you must express the friendship; the parent-child relationship must also be nurtured at the same time to avoid your children from taking you for granted.

Be genuine

Being friends with your kid does not mean you cannot call a spade a spade. Be genuine. If your kid is wrong you must reprimand him and make him understand what wrong he has done and what could be the repercussions. During such incidents, you must practice an authoritarian attitude. At the same time if you do not feel comfortable being friends with your kid do not force it else you will appear fake. Just be careful that you do not go overboard with your strictness towards your kid. 

Communicate well

This is where you can be lenient as well as casual in your approach. Talking to your kid like a friend will make your kid comfortable and it will be easier for him to express himself better. He will not hesitate to share some frivolous talks about his friends with you. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship let alone the parent-child one. Talk about everything under the sun that you too are comfortable discussing. This will also enhance the knowledge of your kid. By communicating in a friendly way you can probe your child about the kind of company he keeps or if there is anyone in his company who is not good or has bad habits. The two of you can crack healthy jokes, debate, and share your likes and dislikes with each other. 

Be responsible

Act responsibly when you are befriending your child. You are the mature one out of the two. The onus of deciding what is right and what is wrong is on you. You cannot count on your kid for approvals or sharing your lows with him. Being friends with your kid does not mean you can discuss your life’s problems and financial issues with him. Remember you are befriending your kid for his overall growth and psychological development. Keep your problems as an adult at bay while being friends with your kid. However, you can ask your kid about your irritating habits, your quirky nature, or anything that bugs your child. The two of you can laugh it off, or work on it together to get rid of it. Do not involve your kid in serious matters. 

Play together

As Ignite Pad keeps saying playing together is the best way to bond well with your kid. You can choose indoor games to chill together or any of the outdoor sports to have some fun time together. Remember, you can beat your friend at any game if you can. Do not be such a good friend that you end up losing all games deliberately. The child must develop a competitive attitude. He must have the willingness to fight it out and win. Better, make him learn it at home!

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