Public Speaking Class

Lesson 01: Confronting Your Fears
Lesson 02: Characteristics of Effective Communication
Lesson 03: Knowing Your Audience
Lesson 04: Choosing the Topic and Structure of a Speech
Lesson 05: Persuasive and Motivational Speech Principles
Lesson 06: Developing Your Style
Lesson 07: Outlining and Organizing Your Speech
Lesson 08: Writing Your Speech: The Opener
Lesson 09: Writing Your Speech: The Body and Conclusion
Lesson 10: Speaking to Entertain an Audience
Lesson 11: How and When to Use Visual Aids
Lesson 12: Controlling Your Voice
Lesson 13: Rehearsing Your Speech
Lesson 14: Body Language and International Customs
Lesson 15: Making Your Best Delivery Even When Problems Arise

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