Why Reading Books is Important for Kids

Reading is important for all, not just the children because it is the only means to learn at one’s own pace. Reading takes kids to places sometimes alien to them. They get transported to a completely different world. Reading is a doorway to many different cultures and fictional worlds that give kids lessons on life, morals, technology, lifestyle, and relationships. They learn about emotions that may be otherwise unknown to them. Children learn different ways of expressing themselves. 

The benefits of reading are immense; from a kid’s cognitive development to his social development a lot is at stake if a kid is not encouraged to read. Society evolves with time and reading is the only thing that keeps kids abreast with the latest developments, happenings, and knowledge. We don’t remember how and when we exactly began to read but what we do know is that we are thankful to our parents and teachers that we could read and write today. 

Reading apart from the specified curriculum is also important for kids ’ all-around development. The habit of reading enables the kids to gather information available through billboards, advertisements, announcements, notices, etc, while he is outdoors. He can comprehend facts better. It makes a child inquisitive. The kid tends to ask questions, it implies that he has developed the skill of thinking out of the box and challenging the norms. 

Vocabulary and grammar

Daily reading enhances the personal dictionary of a kid. The more he reads different things the more new words and their meanings he learns. The overall vocabulary of kids increases over some time. This will aid them in impromptu speaking and even writing within a set timeframe, like during exams. It also improves their grammar. 

Pronunciation and diction

Making reading an everyday exercise improves kids’ pronunciation and diction. They learn to pronounce words the right way, especially when they are read to or when they read it out loud. 

Articulation and self-confidence

When kids start reading on their own every day, they start understanding stories, narrations, and explanations on their own. They develop the ability to articulate things on their own. This boosts their self-confidence.


Reading the right kind of books every day gives the kids exposure to a lot of novel situations and information. They learn their lessons without having to live them. They are well prepared for any untoward incident by reading about it beforehand. 


Reading makes a kid aware of his surroundings and what all exist in the world. Kids can comprehend even complex things around them. Little kids learn about different animals by reading about them in books as not every animal inhabits every country. Some stay in cold countries while others in hot countries. Similarly, kids learn about machines that may not be used in their everyday life. 

Future Ready

Reading prepares children for the future. For example, reading and learning to code now will prepare them for future jobs. They can attend online coding classes and create their programs or apps. All this will be easier if they have developed a habit of reading and are independent. There are many other online courses offered by Ignite Pad. Kids can explore that!

Creative and imaginative

To create something new or invent you need to have an imaginative mind. By reading kids develop this skill. Once they have a creative bent of mind they can come up with new things, which is also the basis of kids programming or kids coding classes. After attending python online classes or coding online learning or doing an app development course they can create their characters, programs, or applications.  


Reading storybooks can give kids a break from their studies. It will not only entertain them but will also provide them an opportunity to think differently. They get access to an altogether diverse world. 


Every child must be taught the value of reading. We at Ignite Pad help the kids acquire good habits and reading is certainly one of them!

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