The Importance of Computer Literacy

The focus on computer literacy has moved from the technical particulars of computers present in traditional computers to an advanced level of intellectual content offered through various online courses and offline too. Computer technology is fast getting transparent; it has become the part and parcel of everyone’s daily life and is becoming indistinguishable quickly. Enroll in Ignitepad coding classes!

The importance of computer literacy

With computer literacy, we can improve efficiency and productivity along with the workflow as well as enhance the working process within any business office. Employees at all levels can resourcefully produce much more in a short span saving both time and energy. It also frees up resources to perform more tasks. Enroll in Python classes offered by Ignitepad!

3 types of computer literacy

There are three types of computer literacy namely, information literacy, digital literacy, and procedural literacy. Various online courses are offered using computers and smart devices across the world.

Computer literacy skills

Computer literacy involves gaining the knowledge as well as the ability to work using computers along with other technology without facing hiccups. The computer literacy skill ranges from elementary, computer programming, and advanced level problem-solving. Another important aspect is getting to understand how computers functions. Ignitepad also offers online courses on digital marketing!

Basic computer literacy in India

According to studies and surveys, computer literacy is still in its nascent stage in India and is just about 6.5%. The country still has below 10% Internet penetration. Radio and TV reach in the nation is below 150 million households. The mobile phone’s outreach is above 53% of about 330 million Indian households. Join online courses in python!

So we have two segments in computer literacy running in the country. One is where we still need to make the resources available and another where we are striving to make all working people pro at making the basic use of computers.

Reasons why computer literacy is critical

  • To create job opportunities: With a soaring population of unemployed people, we need to create more jobs. In a modern work set up with the use of computers a lot more can be done which also requires an increased strength of workforce. Computer literacy helps us generate more jobs. Learn sketching for beginners!
  • Staying updated: Computer wasn’t invented in India. It is a gift from the world to us. All updates and advancements are also created outside India. It is but natural that we need to stay up-to-date to move in tandem with the global markets. Join online piano classes!
  • Being ready for the future: Moving ahead and being progressive is so futuristic. It stores all advanced-level machinery and modern methods of doing things. Computer literacy helps us stay ready for future challenges and scenarios. 
  • Better communication: With the knowledge of computing and smart devices, everyone can communicate better. It saves time and gets work done without lapses and delays. Enroll in online courses English speaking!
  • Enhance professionalism: What a man cannot do, a machine can! Computer literacy brings in modernism and hence professionalism at the workplace. We offer online courses for kids too!
  • Improved connectivity: Computers help us stay connected with people around the world. Interact with them in real-time, do business, and close deals in no time. Join our Public Speaking Classes for better communication!

Importance of computer literacy in 21st century

Education is one field that can bring in a revolution on a big scale if digital literacy is scaled up and made way in everyday education. Digital literacy brings in new methods of learning and teaching within schools and outside of it. Learners and enthusiasts are finding novel ways of interacting with their counterparts based in different countries online through various digital media to share knowledge and information. This is enabling them to explore learning opportunities beyond books. Kids’ online classes have been made possible because of computer literacy in urban areas!

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