The importance of co-curricular activities in growth of a child

In recent decades, the world has undergone a fundamental change and therefore conventional education is no longer enough to guarantee a successful and meaningful life for a child. Education can no longer be limited to equations, formulas, and theories of books or to the four walls of a classroom. Therefore, it has become vitally necessary to include co-curricular activities alongside academic objectives in the curriculum.

Ignitepad advocates, co-curricular activities foster holistic development in children and prepare them fully to face the modern world and its unique challenges. They enhance the growth of children in the following ways:

Development of critical thinking

There is no skill more important than Critical Thinking in our complex modern world. Co-curricular activities like Debating, Sketching, Elocution and Creative Writing, etc. help a child to analyze various issues from different angles and hence develop a critical understanding of the world. This ability stays with them long after school is done and helps them excel in their life and career. Ignitepad’s coding classes also, help improve critical thinking in kids.

Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Co-curricular Activities help students to approach the given problem from various points, assess it, and then find out-of-the-box innovative solutions to solve it. These skills are highly sought after in the modern job market and their demands are only going to increase in the future. These skills not only help in building a good career but they come in handy randomly at various points of life. Various activities like online courses python, Spoken English classes, and digital marketing courses, etc. improve the problem-solving skills in kids.

Development of Social Skills

A happy life and a successful career often depend on our ability to develop rapport and form bonds with various people around us. Co-curricular Activities train the young minds of children in collaborating with others and they learn to work in teams and building good relationships with others. When a child is participating in any sport or in activities like Drama or Group-Dance, he/she is implicitly learning these vital social skills. Participating in dance classes online also helps develop social skills in kids.

Physical and Emotional Fitness

There is nothing more precious than health. It is only through good physical and emotional health that one can truly enjoy the fruits of a successful life. Co-curricular activities like participating in online music classes, sports, exercise, attending piano classes, athletics, and doing online courses of yoga keep a student physically active and fit. Almost all the co-curricular activities make students interact with each other during which they understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop empathy for others. They attain an emotional maturity that is very important to achieve a fulfilling life.

Leadership and Communication Skills

Having the ability to take responsibilities, motivate others, and present one’s ideas in a well-articulated manner to others increases one’s potential at least a hundred times. Co-curricular activities ingrain these skills in children very early in their life and hence create a strong foundation for their life. Children with these skills become efficient communicators and successful leaders in their careers.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, co-curricular activities develop Self-Confidence in students and they are no longer afraid of taking on challenges. This opens up their worldview as no problem or challenge seems insurmountable to them and boosts their growth for life.

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