Popular Foreign Language to Learn in India

They are confused about which foreign language will offer them the best career options and good job opportunities along with better pay packages. For those of you who are not sure about which foreign language will best suit you, Ignitepad brings this guide on top foreign languages that kids and adults can learn in India. 

Studying any language has many benefits! It is also exciting and interesting to learn a new language for kids and adults of all ages. Everyone can have a different reason to learn a foreign language. In the times of increasing globalization, learning a new language can open new opportunities in foreign country. It will also help in the education and studying abroad. It aids in pursuing hobbies and travelling.  

Choosing the language that better serves your purpose is important. Ignitepad mentions some important pointers to ponder over. The top foreign languages that many people are opting for are French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. 


These days French is the most trending language in India to learn. Most students have French as their third language in schools. For those that do not have it in school Ignitepad offers foreign language course in French. It is one of the foreign languages that are quite in demand in corporate jobs in India. Multinational companies based out of France use French as their official language regarding work. This practice is prevalent in industries across sectors; be it luxury goods, fashion, banking and finance, education, export and import, retailing, education, travelling, automotive, or aeronautics, etc. There are more than 30 French language speaking countries across five continents. 


German is also widely spoken and many learn it in India. It is considered to be the second most preferred foreign language after French in India. The primary reasons behind this are:

German is the most spoken native language in Europe. It is the official language for countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and more. 

•       Many big multi-national companies are from Germany like Volkswagen, Daimler, BASF, BMW, Siemens, Bosch, etc. There are plenty of job opportunities. 

Germany is an economically strong country. 

The language is an integral part of the school curriculum in more than 500 schools as well as colleges in India.

The German government marketed and promoted the langauge in India several decades ago. 

Germany’s universities are one of the best around the globe. There are also a number of scholarships offered by the universities and the government of Germany. 


There are 20 Spanish-speaking nations in the world. Spanish is also widely spoken across the globe. It is the third most preferred new language to learn in India. Learning Spanish opens up many career paths including those in travel and tourism, foreign embassy, journalism, and international enterprise exist. There are also job opportunities in interpretation, BPO, translation, language teaching, which requires proficiency Spanish both spoken and written. Learning Spanish can be an asset. Football, movies and music can also be attributed for the growing popularity of learning Spanish in India. 

One can also learn Japanese and Mandarin Chinese in India in foreign language courses. 

4. Japanese (日本語 / Nihongo)

Demand for the Japanese language is high due to growing India-Japan relations and Japanese companies expanding Indian operations.

Japan is synonymous with high quality and technologically advanced products.

Japanese is the most popular choice among East Asian languages in India.

Since Japanese has a reputation for being difficult to learn, there is less competition for job positions with Japanese-speaking applicants.

Suppose you’re looking for a foreign language that is highly paid in India. In that case, Japanese is the language that gets you paid the most in India and abroad.

The career Scope of Japanese is astonishing if you accomplish a high level of proficiency like JLPT N2.

5. Mandarin Chinese (普通话 / Pǔtōnghuà)

More than a billion people speak Mandarin Chinese across the world.

The 21st century belongs to China, and knowing the Chinese language will allow you to compete effectively in the global economy of the future.

China has become an enormous market. International businesses and companies are looking for people who can talk in Chinese and operate successfully in China’s cultural context.

Since very few people speak Chinese in India, proficiency in Chinese may give you an edge when competing for a vital position in any firm.

Beyond the five most popular foreign languages in India, the following five other useful ones are Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, and Korean.

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