Reasons Why Every Kid Must Learn a Foreign Language

With the advent of technology the world has become smaller, more so, after the advent of the Internet based solutions. When world has become one place, many languages that were foreign and alien to many have no longer remained the same. 

People have started taking interest in different languages and are learning them to leverage the benefits that they offer. Why should your child stay behind? Teaching your kid a foreign language will provide them the confidence to do different things in life and also gain good communication skills! Here are a few reasons why every kid must enroll for a foreign language course

Kids brains will be benefitted

Kids who speak multiple languages perform better than others who are monolinguals at basic activities that require multitasking as well as attention. 

They have better focus skills when they speak two languages. 

It’s shown in research that even babies who are exposed to multiple languages have distinct cognitive processes in their brains than monolinguals. 

Children tend to grow smarter because of their brains started being too active right from their childhood.

The child’s communication skills will enhance

The child’s communication with others will be much better if they are able to speak more than one language. 

When they can communicate with others in their native language, they will build stronger bonds and have a better knowledge of them. 

Kids will profit for the rest of their life from cross-cultural friendships, expanded job options, thrilling travel adventures, and be able to lead a multicultural group without any struggles.

Empathy increases

Kids become more aware of other cultures if they are able to speak in their language. 

They’ll have the understanding and empathy for people from different backgrounds, which is a good skill to possess when growing up. 

The world is becoming global in every aspect and developing empathy for different cultures will help them become better global leaders.

Creative skills increases

Do you wish to improve your child’s creativity skills? If so, learning a foreign language is one of the unexpected methods. 

When you learn a new language, your brain becomes more flexible and creative.

This leads to so many benefits for the person’s own life as well as being able to better understand other cultures.

It has been shown in several studies that bilinguals have higher levels of creativity and problem-solving skills than the ones who have knowledge of just one language. 

Vast career opportunities

Your bilingual children will have a better chance than monolinguals to get better job opportunities and promotions, as well as be able to work with people from other countries. 

According to MIT economist Albert Saiz, American college graduates who can speak an additional foreign language earn a 2% higher pay than those who can’t. Great news right?

Develops math skills

What if we tell you that learning a foreign language also improves your child’s skills in math? 

Studies have shown that bilingual children perform better on skills involving verbal and nonverbal reasoning, including basic arithmetic skills. 

Remember these are essential skills for children and they automatically develop when children engage in a new language training.

Traveling around will be easy

We all require a tour guide when we go to a new country because we won’t be able to understand a word. 

But your child can easily navigate if they’re well equipped with multi-language skills. 

To make this possible, you can even send your child abroad, because it is a fantastic method to improve your child’s foreign language skills

Knowing a second language makes learning other new languages simpler.

Knowing simple greetings such as hello, how are you, and thank you will boost them to learn more.

Music skills will be benefitted

Language and music are correlated? How? If you’ve been eyeing a second language for your child, consider the benefits of music skills as well. 

A bilingual person has an advantage in developing skills by learning how to read and write musical notation while they learn to speak their new tongue. 

Your child will also get to know the different music customs around the globe so they’ll eventually fall in love with the instruments.

School subjects will be easier

Obviously, the skills we just mentioned will help your child excel in their school subjects. 

But there’s more! Let’s say they’re learning Spanish and that takes up one of their classes every day for a year. 

They’ll be able to speak it fluently by the end of it – which means less time spent on homework! 

Your child will ace all the core subjects because of their ability to focus and multitask.

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