How to enhance your public speaking skills

Here are some of the significant ways presented by Ignitepad to enhance your skills of public speaking and employ the same to grow your career.  

Practise as much as possible

It is good to speak as much as possible with strangers and during parties and large gatherings. If you are hesitant to speak up get enrolled in Ignitepad public speaking classes. You can begin by practising in advance what to say or you can even practice by reading it out loud. If you really wish to have a good public speaking skills begin by rehearsing your speech when alone then present it to your family members or friends and seek their feedback. You can also judge it for yourself by video recording your speech and working on your shortcomings. 

Control your body language

Body language is a very good nonverbal skill to communicate that aids in your public speaking endeavour. When presenting on the stage, ensure to keep your spine as well as shoulder straight and wear your real smile always. Refrain yourself from standing behind tables, desks, or chairs when addressing an audience. Use your body language to stress a point and while switching to different topics and subjects as per the flow of your speech. The expressions you show on your face must be in sync with the energy and mood of your speech.

Watch out the tone of your voice

While addressing an audience be careful about the tone of your voice. If you keep a monotone throughout your presentation, your audience can lose interest in your presentation. Practise voice modulations prior to delivering the speech. Work on the pitches and use different ones to attract attention while on the stage. The best would be to listen to a good orator and check out how they make use of the tone to make the speech engaging and interesting. 

Breathing exercise

It is natural for first-time speakers to have anxiety issues and it is okay for them to get nervous while on the stage due to fear of being judged. There is a way to fight speech anxiety, try practising diaphragmatic breathing. It is super effective in minimizing anxiety and enables you to have a control over the pitch and volume of your voice.

Making an eye contact is important

You must try and keep your audience engaged while delivering your speech. Is is one of the basic essentials of a good public speaker. To achieve the same, make sure to make an eye contact with your audience. Keep practising making eye contacts while talking to your colleagues and friends at home and in office.  

Be confident

If you look confident on stage, audience will find it easy to connect with you. When you are confident about yourself, your skills and your content, you automatically establish a connect with your audience and effectively deliver your message or idea. 

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