Dancing is Essential for a Child’s Personality Development

Dancing is Essential for a Child’s Personality Development

Dancing is not just meant for entertainment, there is also an educational aspect to it. Dancing is also employed for learning techniques at many institutes across the globe. It aids in building one’s character and helps in removing social inhibitions in a child. It boosts the kid’s confidence and everything else falls in place. 

Dancing also enhances the creative ability of kids. Children get to use their imagination and come up with ideas and concepts. The more they practice dance the more disciplined they get. Dancing is a process that a child follows step by step. Sincerity, synergy, and team spirit also develop, day by day, with dancing. 

Dancing is also a good exercise. It uses whole body muscles than that used in standing or merely walking; it strengthens them. Dance teaches kids to learn to coordinate and regulate their bodies. The movements awaken the spatial awareness in them.

Dancing is more important in current times 

Kids are spending less time doing physical activities like playing football, cycling or simply playing with friends outside. Their social circle has also decreased as compared to what our generation had during our childhood. These days kids mix less with people from different generations and walks of life. Even talking to parents, casually, has reduced as most of the time the kids are either watching television or glued to their smartphones and video games. All this is badly affecting their psyche and physical development. Kids these days lack the ability to communicate, express emotions or empathize. Dancing is that one activity that can fight all these negatives if the kid engages in it at least once a day.

Dancing is inherent and therapeutic

All kids are naturally creative. While a baby is in its mother’s womb it learns to stay calm and grow with the rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat. The mother’s voice is music to its ears. The baby develops its emotions based on the voice of its mother. In the womb, babies naturally come up with moves like kicking, stretching, or hitting movements. After the baby is born, it responds to its mother’s voice. The synergy that the baby develops with the mother's voice is a natural progression. With time, it learns to react, play and grow with voices around him. It’s rhythmic. Even the toys that are created for newborns rattle, make some kind of sound or are musical because a baby has this inherent ability to respond to a melody or music

Dancing enhances the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It improves the flow of oxygen in the blood and creates alertness. Dancing is also known to reduce stress, improves longevity and overall health. It is also known to aid in the airflow in the respiratory tract getting rid of bacteria causing flu or allergies.

Ignite Pad’s advice for parents

Every parent wishes to have a healthy and happy lifestyle for their kid. As a parent, we should comprehend that dancing can be a bridge between the child and the world helping him grow fearlessly. Dancing also fights obesity, it also upgrades the child’s intellectual strength.

It is imperative to prepare your child for the competitive world prevalent in the 21st century. Dancing can make your child become more aware, learned and a collaborative global citizen. 

Above all, dancing helps retain the cultural heritage of a country or region and enables the child to stay connected to and appreciate his roots. 

Ignite Pad understands these needs of a healthy child and has designed its dance classes around them!

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