Block-based Coding System for Kids

Block-based Coding System for Kids

Block-based coding or programming is based on the drag-and-drop knowledge system. In this method, program learners employ blocks in the form of coding instructions to create games or animation. The system is the most basic form of programming activity meant for kids. Using this, children can lay the foundation of computational knowledge as it is visual-based and easy to use against general coding that is text-based. Ignitepad offers sketching and coding classes for kids!

What are the blocks?

Blocks are nothing but collections of instructions that are made to look like a chunk or block. By putting various pieces of instructions together kids can come up with many new games or animation stories. Ignitepad offers Online Courses!

Scratch programming is part of block-based coding. It is a very popular method of teaching coding languages to kids. Unlike what is taught in Python classes, in Scratch, motion blocks are meant to regulate movements. 'Looks' Blocks are employed to transform a sprite’s look, conversation, thinking, or backdrops. Kids are made to use sound blocks to include sounds in their game or story.

Blocks offer an interesting way to simplify complex learning experiences. They are used to make kids realize that the programs that they create will function as per the instructions given by them. They will get an idea about how programs work; programs only carry out operations that they are asked to do. And that the codes will only run in a sequence in which they were originally written! Ignitepad’s coding classes are specially designed for kids.

What are Sprites

A sprite is the image of a character or an object. Developing a character in Scratch programming is also referred to as painting a ‘sprite.’ A kid can develop a sprite using a shape tool. Its color and shading can be changed using a 'Looks' Block. Ignitepad’s Python classes are also helpful!

Using block coding creatively

Using a block-based coding system in Scratch, children can make good use of their imaginations and create many different sprites. By completing a series of sprites, an animation film or a story can be prepared to make sprites come alive.  

Additional benefit

Block-based coding allows kids to experience a tangible way of learning to code. The creation is not just restricted to on-screen, it can be something for real that kids can touch and hold, such as Scratch Cards. The cards are basically a pack of cards offering a visual and physical depiction of diverse coding models and lessons.

Students who are all geared up to learn coding can join Ingitepad’s online coding classes for kids having one-on-one trainers. We also offer group classes to interested learners. Ignitepad offers different levels of online coding classes for various age groups.

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