Benefits of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-emotional learning also termed as SEL is a method of teaching that aids learners of all age groups to easily self-evaluate and understand the emotions, to fully comprehend the emotions that they experience, and above all show empathy for their friends and peers. The SEL method of learning is important during online courses or physical classes because it further helps students in making responsible self decisions in life. Ignitepad believes that the methodology sets the ground and provides a framework for them to aim for their set goals in life and achieve them successfully. As a part of society on the whole it is also important for a person to establish a positive rapport with people in the class, home, school, community, and society. 

Many schools and institutes have understood the importance of raising a mentally healthy learner thus they have resorted to implementing SEL in the main curriculums as well as in online courses. Both teachers and parents have embraced the concept, understanding its value well.

There are many reasons for SEL to be included in the school curriculum and kid's online classes as all the benefits result in leaving a positive effect on every student. 

Improved Emotional Health 

Earlier students were prohibited from sharing their emotions in school or at any place of education. Gradually, educationists understood the importance of mental health, and counselors were appointed to counsel students facing mental issues. In 2021, especially after the pandemic, academicians have evaluated the importance of mental health in children, especially young students and have come forward with the implementation of the SEL methodology of teaching. The method of teaching certainly improves the mental health of students, which is paramount. Ignitepad motivates students to express themselves through sketching. The institute offers the sketching for beginners course.

Academic Success

The SEL activities incorporate skills such as goal-setting, time-management, along with tasks that require concentration. Doing this over some time makes the students organized and focused on their goals in studies and life. This methodology of teaching also enables students to sort their thoughts and speak with clarity and confidence. Students feel safe and secure in the classrooms thinking their emotions are heard and paid heed to. All this together brings in academic success for the students. Students easily learn and do better during Python classes and coding classes

Fosters Leadership Skills

Group activities are conducted in the SEL method of teaching. The activities enable students to interact among themselves and nurture their latent leadership qualities. Introverted students and shy learners open up with the SEL activities as it encourages them to share their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. The SEL method of teaching fosters leadership skills in every student. Ignitepad implements SEL in its dance classes for kids. Spoken English Classes by Ignitepad are also designed as per the SEL method.

Positive Attitudes

Studies have proved that students who are taught using the SEL method respond better to their parents, teachers, and classmates. They even tend to conduct themselves better in every situation and behave better even with strangers. It enhances the interpersonal skills and endurance level of students. Learners develop positive attitudes towards studies and life in general. 


With the help of games in the SEL method, students are encouraged to make excellent decisions based on time, priority, and awareness. The skills thus developed in them come in handy in their day-to-day lives. Teaching learners to make the right choice through responsible judgment and decision prepares them well in advance to deal with further difficulties in the future. The SEL method of teaching makes the students ready for facing anything in life; be it competition, peer pressure, or career choices. Even bullying! 

Ignitepad has always been at the forefront of understanding the specific needs of each student and implements the SEL method to impart lessons to its students for all courses.

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