An overview of the impact of Covid-19 on the education sector

The world has been facing a pandemic for almost two years now. With the visible effects on physical health, it has brought with it a complete lifestyle change too. The pandemic affected all sections of society and had serious implications on mental health too. The education sector is one of the worst affected as all the educational institutions have been closed for over a year and the learning has been shifted online completely. The closure of schools and the need to move traditional classrooms to digital platforms is creating learning inequality among children and driving a huge number of students out of school due to the digital gap. Aside from learning, the absence of schooling would have a long-term impact on children's health and nutrition. Ignite Pad keeps suggesting tips for parents on how to take care of their child’s health, which is important. 

Expensive remote learning systems 

Teachers and administrators were caught off guard by the suddenness of the issue and were obliged to construct emergency remote learning systems at the earliest. Accessibility, cost, flexibility, learning methodology, life-long learning, and educational policy are all problems related to e-learning. Students' academic lives have been disrupted by a decrease in family income, limited access to digital resources, and the high cost of internet connectivity. Students face significant challenges in terms of getting a stable Internet connection and gaining access to digital gadgets. The Covid-19 outbreak has had a more negative impact on students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Students' satisfaction levels were negatively influenced by limited class engagement and an inefficient timetable. Ignite Pad’s affordable online tuition classes and online coding classes for kids have been designed keeping the current scenario and the financial challenges in mind.  

Erratic schedule

Educational activities are severely affected, and we sensed a great deal of confusion, as well as the postponement or delay of exams, academic sessions, and other activities. The so-called co-curriculum was unable to be implemented due to a lack of room. Individuals are motivated to work hard and gain social skills in the school atmosphere, which may not be achievable in an online context. Changes in daily routine, such as a lack of outdoor activity, altered sleeping patterns, and social isolation, have also had an impact on students' mental health. As difficult as it was for the students, the teachers faced some difficulties too. Ignite Pad offers online dance classes and online music classes for students to pursue their hobbies to beat the blues. It also offers online yoga classes to manage stress.

Challenges faced by teachers 

Teachers who were professionals in book, talk, chalk, and classroom methods faced a dilemma in the digital era. They needed to be prepared to tackle the demands of the current scenario and to continue teaching online. Teachers are torn between who to listen to and which tools to use. Some believe that pre-recorded videos could help, but this would limit interactions. It's challenging to create a system that meets all kids' learning demands while also being convenient. With Ignite Pad’s easy-to-follow online learning methods there is scope for teachers and academicians to learn and grow.

Challenges faced by special kids

Students with special needs, such as hearing impairment, vision impairment, or mobility limitations, require specialized training, as well as support and supervision. Many caregivers and parents at home are unable to meet these needs and that has impeded this group's learning. Many educational firms have created a variety of online infrastructure that has been offered free for study throughout this epidemic. The price and accessibility of these online infrastructures for students from all walks of life remain a challenge. 

With such a huge gap returning to normal regular classes might get difficult but not impossible. For now, we all have to adapt ourselves to online learning and teaching methods to impart education to our children. The times are hard but if proper steps are taken by the government, institutes as well as the students and teachers themselves, the situation might ease a little.

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