Can I Learn to Dance Online?

Are you also one of those moms or that exceptional dad who is looking for a dance teacher for your kid but not finding one in the real world? Are you still apprehensive about switching to the virtual world?  Things that are not real are not your cup of tea?! Many of us thought so but prior to the pandemic. Now most of us are comfortable operating and living off our smart phones and smart devices. So if you are wondering can I learn to dance online? Ignite Pad says “yes, of course both you and your kid can!”

Live dance classes at Ignite Pad are designed to suit kids of all age groups and can be customized if their mothers wish to accompany them while the kids learn to dance online. We have all the right tools and resources to make you learn how to dance. We will not just teach you to dance live but also support the learning with videos, articles, tutorials of online dance lessons and more.

Most parents try to look for ‘dance classes near me through search engines but they fail to find good options. The reason is that most expert dancers and choreographers have moved online to impart dancing lessons to their students, fans and followers. This is the sole reason 
Ignite Pad has set up online dance classes for kids and roped in many good choreographers who are trained from around the world.

While everyone’s real world has grown smaller their virtual world has grown bigger due to the pandemic. Performers try to reach out to their global audience through digital platforms. With the availability of the Internet one must not refrain oneself from reaching out to people from across the borders and continents. Our dance teachers will give access to the videos and links of dancers from around the world in order for your kids to learn to dance online better. We have prepared a comprehensive learning curriculum for all our dance courses.

Physical dance classes are over once the learner leaves the institute premises but with online dance classes, the learner can record, play and review her dance moves. The dance teachers and trainers can also review the dance videos of the students and help them overcome their shortcomings in a short span of time. When you learn to dance online, you let yourself loose without the fear of being watched by others. This is when you dance with your soul and you dance your best.

When smart phones, messaging apps etc. were not there, student-teacher relationships were formal. Students used to either be in awe of their teachers or were afraid of them out of respect. With the instant messaging app like Whatsapp, students converse with their teachers without any fear or hesitation. This breaks the ice between the two and makes the student feel free with the teachers. Ignite Pad’s dance teachers are also very friendly with their students. They allow students to share their dance videos, images, achievements, and happy moments etc with them with ease. Some of them go that extra mile and become friends with their students on social media platforms. So the students get to reach out to her dance teacher any time. In a way it becomes round the clock learning for the students, which is not the case with the physical classes. It is worth their money when the parents allow their kids to learn to dance online.

Let’s quickly review the benefits of learning to dance online

        Extra resources to learn different dance techniques

        Record, play and rewind your own dance videos to understand your shortcomings

        Dance lessons, videos, and recording of live classes are all available online round the clock

        You can save the dance video lessons and recordings of live classes and watch them offline too

        Online dance classes are more economical than physical classes

        Better student-teacher relationship

        You dance with your soul as you are not being watched by others

Shun all your apprehensions and hesitations and say, “yes I can learn to dance online” and give it a try at Ignite Pad!

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