5 Must-Haves to Look for in a Good Online Tuition Service

Many edu-tech solutions have hit the market in the past couple of years that have changed the face of education for the better. It is expected that by 2026 a large part of the education courses will be reliant on technology for delivering optimum learning solutions. It implies that online learning is here to stay.

Apart from mainstream learning, many students are seeking tuition classes through online mode. Not all online tuition classes will be suitable for students of all kinds. It is better to look for the following five must-haves that any good online tuition classes should have.

Interactive learning

The first thing you must look for in your online tuition classes is that they must be interactive, more so, if you are a young student in junior or middle school. One of the many benefits of the digital platforms for teaching and learning is that the sessions are more interactive and are not just limited to listening to the teacher’s lecture. Different tools can be used for teaching, videos, images, graphics, etc. Students must also participate in the tuition sessions by asking questions, clearing their doubts, and being inquisitive. For younger students, ensure that the tutor conducts fun activities to make students learn better.

Customized learning

You must ensure that the tutor in the online tuition classes is providing students customized learning that suits their abilities. No two students are equal and may require a different pace of teaching. They may come from different schools and may have different syllabi. The
tutor must keep these things in mind and must be ready to work on individual students; helping them complete their homework and assignments. They must be open to having a one-on-one session if the need arises.

Skill building

The online platform that you choose for your online tuition classes must also provide the provision for skill building. Such activities must be taken up by the tutor to enhance the life skills of the students like decision making, team spirit, leadership qualities, problem-solving, etc. The tutor must teach students ways to enhance their concentration level and develop patience. There are many easy-to-do exercises like writing with both hands to enable the brain to function better, trying to write the mirror image, and other such brain development exercises.

Responsive and responsible tutor

The first thing you must look at is the responsible attitude of the tutors. They must take the responsibility of making the student perform better than they had been performing until then. They must also be responsive to the needs of the students and should be willing to walk the extra mile for them. Like, whenever there is a test or an exam, the tutor must be willing to focus on the student individually and help them prepare for the test or exam. If required they must be ready to teach for extra hours. After all, you take up online tuition classes for a better performance!  


Although it is very subjective, still cost should be a factor worth considering before settling for an online tuition course. There must be the option of paying per session to make the classes more cost-effective for students and their parents. Tuitions are taken up mainly for clearing doubts and working on shortcomings, tuitions do not necessarily mean offering courses or any such package. It is all about customized learning and should be cost-effective.

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