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About the course

Ignitepad Public Speaking Course offers unflinching methods for preparing and delivering effective Speeches and Presentations.
At school, in business, and during a public gathering, we are randomly requested to “speak, perform or make a few comments.” This catches us by surprise! We are unprepared and get flummoxed. We experience loss of words, speechlessness, not to mention, fear and phobia of facing the crowd. In an effort to go with the flow, we ramble without making a valid or relevant point, which makes the moment awkward for all. Our course is designed to help both KIDS and ADULTS excel where others falter, while speaking.


  • We will make you learn to organize your thoughts clearly, pen them down effectively, and deliver them confidently.
  • The course will help you get rid of the fear of speaking to strangers, guests, crowds and an interviewee.
  • The course will train you at delivering dynamic speeches with correct gestures to establish a connection with the listeners.
  • The course has five levels; to begin with basics and gradually after passing each level, master the art of public speaking.

Level 1: Basic

  • Basics of Public Speaking
  • Ethics in Public Speaking
  • Objectives, Outline, and Introduction: Speech presentation
  • Art of Public Speaking & Benefits
  • Communication – Activities, interaction sessions & role play
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning – Q&A based Activities
  • Speaking Competencies –Debates & Competitions
  • Assessment

Level 2: Advanced

  • Level 1 + (Optional with assessment)
  • Informative Speaking
  • Constructing Clear and Vivid Messages
  • Role & objective of Good Speaker
  • Activities for Developing Informative Speeches
  • Group Interaction
  • Assessment

Level 3: Advanced +

  • Level 1 & 2 + (Optional with assessment)
  • Listening effectively & answering impromptu questions
  • Using Language Well
  • Video Making: Selecting a Topic & Speaking
  • Providing Feedback to Speakers
  • Assessment

Level 4: Advanced ++

  • Level 1, 2 & 3 + (Optional with assessment)
  • Video: Sample Demonstration of corporate Speeches
  • Elements of Excellent Corporate Speeches
  • How to deal with a given topic: Understanding Purpose, Preparing Content
  • Different ways of writing the Body of Your Speech & Presentation
  • Organizational & Presentation Styles
  • Conclusion and Assessment Activities

Level 5: Master

  • Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 + (Optional with assessment)
  • Audience Analysis
  • Vocal Aspects of Speech Delivery
  • Using Stylized Language
  • Ways to Delivering Good Speeches
  • Video Making: Impromptu Storytelling
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Mastering Public Speaking
  • Assessment