What to Look for in an Online Tutor for Accounts

Many students studying commerce face problems with accounts. They find it difficult to do accounts, especially balance sheets, and even face difficulties in case study assignments. Ignitepad offers online accounts, tutors, to students at their convenient time and at affordable fees. The students can even reach the online accounts, tutors, 24x7 through text messages and chats.

Accounting is one of the most important subjects taken up by commerce students which they study even during their higher studies. Ignitepad’s online accounts tutor builds fundamentals of the subjects and supports students to achieve the competencies as well as skills to learn the subject effectively.

To help students understand what exactly they must be looking for in an online accounts tutor, Ignitepad suggests the following points that may convince the students that the online tutor they are hiring will fulfill all their accounting requirements and beyond.

  • The tutor must be an expert in Mathematics, Accounts, and Statistics to impart better online tuition classes to students
  • Online accounts tutors must have the ability to understand the level of each student and their individual requirements based on a quick and pre-assessment
  • They must give more emphasis to the most testable topics
  • A step by step approach must be followed from basics to advanced level to help students understand accounts better
  • They must be aptly qualified and must have years of experience of teaching Commerce to the students of B.com, XI & XII.
  • Should be comfortable in teaching accounts in depth
  • Must be well-versed with apps and tools to teach accounts online
  • They must have the knack of teaching in a friendly manner to make learning accounts interesting for students so that they are able to score good grades and also develop a good understanding of the subject
  • The online accounts tutors must be able to provide simple solutions to complex accounts problems in a practical yet interesting manner
  • An online accounts tutor must methodically provide both online and offline resources for lessons
  • Online accounts tutors must be able to simplify lesson plans as per the school curriculum and teach students in order for them to prepare for their examinations
  • Online accounts tutors must do the assessment and take care of the student's progress throughout the term
  • They must teach in such a way as that the students must gain the conceptual clarity
  • If required by the students, the online tutor’s prime focus should be on making the students understand the subjects without wasting much time
  • It would be an added advantage if the online accounts tutor has practical exposure in Accountancy, Costing, Income Tax, and Financial Management
  • Must have taught more than 100 students, at least, as an accounts teacher
  • They must also teach in such a way as to get students placed in recognized Universities like AMITY University Noida, S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, CHRIST University Bengaluru, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Jai Hind College Mumbai, and in colleges in Australia & New Zealand, etc.
  • Must be able to share the details of their students who have scored more than 90 percent in examinations
  • Must be able to offer tutoring as well as academic counseling to students
  • Must be organized and maintain records related to accounts classes and assessments of student
  • Must always be available as per the schedule for online accounts classes
  • Must also guide students in completing their school/college assignments
  • Most importantly, an online accounts tutor must be able to complete the subject courses in the stipulated time
  • Must be able to revise and update course content as and when required by the students
  • An online accounts tutor must not hesitate in clearing the doubts of the students
  • The online tutor must understand that concept development in students is paramount along with learning syllabus based school curriculum
  • Must be available to clear small doubts anytime through chats, emails, and text messages
  • Last but not the least, must provide a demo class before actually beginning the online classes

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