The Major Advantages of Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth

Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth have great advantages for students studying in these grades. Anyone can attend the class from anywhere in the world for learning subjects of their choice. Highly professionals coach and teach students who take up Ignitepad online coaching classes. These tutors excel in their specific field. They provide notes in word documents or pdfs, video tutorials, assignments and assessment etc. included in the training modules. These help students to learn quickly and easily.

Some of the main advantages of Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth are:


Going to coaching centres after school hours may be tedious and can drain the energy out of you. It may take your spare time and sometimes even your relaxing weekends. Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth can be taken up anytime, anywhere. The only thing needed is a device with a WiFi connection. Students can attend the classes even when they are travelling or working. Ignitepad makes it flexible for you in terms of timing, effort and space.


You regular in person coaching can cost you more than the online coaching. Apart from the coaching fee there could be other expenses like travelling fare and maintenance. Offline coaching can also involve doing assignments in notebooks etc. That can also cost you. Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth will enable you to work on word files and you also get to save the study material on the device for later you. All assignments etc, can be done digitally through google forms and other tools.

Building community

You get to meet students from other cities and countries during Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth. Meeting people with same interest from different places will enhance students’ outlook and make it easier for them to understand concepts through discussions and debates. Forming online community and groups with them for solving doubts and queries will be helpful. Such groups will give you a better insight on the courses and concepts. The people in the community will also become your friends for life.

24x7 Online Support

Highly professional tutors at Ignitepad offer support 24x7 through messages and emails. You can get your doubts cleared and seek help at any time of the day. You can interact with them through messages even after the coaching classes. Through Ignitepad’s online platform you can stay connected with your tutors and coaches round the clock. It is especially helpful during exams.

Frequent Progress Report

Online assessments conducted during Ignitepad Online Coaching classes for Xth, XIth, and XIIth test the aptitude to comprehend topics without having to go through the stress of taking the physical exam. There is also scope of reconsidering or retaking assessments in case any student is not happy with the scores. Fairly marked and perfectly justified, online assessments are based on a scoring system that is fair and enables students to assess and evaluate their understanding of a topic.

Technology helps in retaining information

Ignitepad Online coaching helps students remember and retain information by using videos, attractive images, movie clips, legible fonts, sometimes animated descriptions, and a lot of other tools and means. Coaches also give real-life examples and instances to help the students understand concepts better. Presenting information in well-crafted ways lead to better understanding of learning content more than taking notes with pen and paper. Face-to-face instructor-led training can force trainees to deviate from topics because of long lectures, where speech is the major mode of communication.

Constructive Criticism

Providing constructive criticism through quizzes offers trainees the ability to understand where they stand in terms of knowledge. Multiple choice and open-ended questions prepare students better for taking an exam. The automated corrections like “wrong answer” and “right answer” give trainees the opportunity to go back and correct themselves when wrong. This saves time and effort when compared to unit tests where the papers are sent to the professor for correcting errors and giving the final grade.

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